Feel Safe as you Travel with BM Coaches Feel Safe as you Travel with BM Coaches

Feel Safe & Secure - Posted on 29th November 2013

You have made the correct decision, and you and your friends are at last going to go on that trip that you've been hopeful and planning out for a long time. Travelling in a coach makes such good sense. It means that nobody has to worry about driving or parking and who pays what to whom for petrol, and yet everybody gets to socialize. This will bring back affectionate memories of their good old tours. Some of the questions that you will have in your mind would be; will we run short of seats? Before you think of this you need to book a coach. Whom do we choose? Which coach hire company will offer the best prices? And significantly, who will make sure to pick you and drop you back at your doorstep safely and securely?

BM Coaches should be your first priority because...

High standards :

The Vehicle & Operator Services Agency makes sure and implements rules on coach operators to assure that the vehicle you're travelling in is roadworthy, reliable and entirely safe. All the coaches of BM Coaches meet high standards and our drivers are highly knowledgeable and experienced and they hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence too. Since we travel with any kind of passenger or group, all our drivers are CRB checked too. We make it a point to stick to our high standards as our customers satisfaction is our importance!

Seat belts :

All our Coaches and Minibuses have seat belts since the law; in force affirms that all coaches should have them. BM Coaches make sure that we do not put our passengers in danger, providing safety is our concern. Officially, unless you're sitting in a seat that's in-line with, or even in front of the driver, you don't need to wear the seat belt on a coach, but BM Coaches recommend that you do when travelling, and only remove it if it's very important.

Reliable :

We provide Coach Hire services with a difference. When you plan out trips & tours you need to make sure that you are getting a good reliable Coach Company with qualified drivers. Therefore BM Coaches is a company that you can recommend to customers around London, UK and throughout Europe. We have a wide range of Mini Buses and Coaches for hire. We will take you to your destination in style with our luxury Coach Hire service. If you are considering reliability as an aspect our coach hires are the best for you to consider!

Comfort & Relaxation :

So, whether you're taking a group of directors to attend a conference or on a team-building training, a bunch of boys or girls on a stag or hen do, or a sports team for an important match, BM Coaches can pick you and drop you back at your doorstep safely, reliably and on time. Thus, you will be able to travel with a relaxing mind filled with harmony, leaving all your stress behind!