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BM Coaches' Performance & Promises - Posted on 1st May 2013

Over the years of our journey in UK & London's coach hire industry; BM Coaches has pioneered as “The Most Trusted” coach operator. Influenced by many uncontrollable external factors; the transportation industry is prone to mishaps, problems & even accidents which leads to an extreme customer dissatisfaction. However, our philosophy is to “be proactive” rather than “reactive” and this philosophy is demonstrated through our reputation, efforts to thrive for excellence and in driving forward the coach hire industry standards than any other company in the industry.

  • What Our Customers Say? : We do not hallucinate about our performance; we measure our performance through a constructive customer feedback. A genuine customer feedback not only helps us to evaluate our performance but also outlines our areas of improvement. Our quality control team utilises this feedback for continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations and provide outstanding customer service. In the years 2011-12 & 2012-13 our overall satisfaction ratings were 4.8 out of 5 for our coach network. Amongst the thousands of tours, transfers and private hire undertaken during this time our customer dissatisfaction was 1.2% where as 98.8% customers were delighted with our quality of services, coaches, rates and timeliness of service. The negative feedback was thoroughly investigated and advancement procedures were deployed.

  • Coach Break Downs: A Coach Break Down is any coach operator's nightmare and unfortunately these nightmares do come true. Most operators state that coach breakdowns are out of their control; however we argue that a “thorough and proactive maintenance” can reduce the occurrence of these situations substantially. At BM Coaches, we have our own in-house Engineering department which services about 80 vehicles per month. Further, this department also give emergency breakdown cover and mechanical support for other operators. We have a strong record of providing back - up coaches and rescuing Stranded passengers of other coach operators due to breakdowns. In the years 2011-12 & 2012-13; BM Coaches has provided emergency breakdown cover 37 times to other operators. Whereas 8 times our coaches suffered a breakdown, however in all these cases the substitute coaches were organised within 45 minutes.

  • Let Downs: Non-availability/overbooking of coaches and last minute “Let Down” by coach operators is an unfortunate feature of the transport industry. We employ strict processes to avoid any un-pleasantries due to these issues. We believe in committing ourselves realistically rather than over-promising and under delivering.

  • Mischievous Circumstances and Customers: We understand that the best laid plan can suffer short comings and sometimes it is inevitable that the customer cancel bookings. These results in potential loss for operators and certain operators make best out of these situations. However, we don't have rules in our coach hire of suing customers as we operate on a strong goodwill. We do have a standard cancellation policy applicable for these situations.

  • Paying The Price: The rates of coach hire are majorly influenced by the type of hire, increasing fuel/congestion charges and maintenance overheads based on quality of coaches. We do not believe in “one off business“; rather we thrive to build long-term relationships. In other words, we unlike other coach operators you will never notice a “rip off” in our hire prices as we operate on a “price guarantee”. We provide the most modern coaches at an affordable price. We have list of credentials from the customers who opted to choose us over other operators. We operate based on transparency and we welcome you to let us know should you feel that our prices are unrealistic.

We continue to keep our promise and would like to thank all our customers for their faith in our ability. Your feedback leads our way and we would like to assure the customer with negative feedback that we always ensure to correct our mistakes and deliver a better experience. For the customers who have given us a positive feedback, we are highly grateful and we promise to keep up to your expectation and build a strong relationship!